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The Mission: A Note From PJ

When I started working on a “solo” show I was not really sure where I was heading. I had been told for years that I needed to write a book because I have so many unique experiences with very recognizable individuals. Stand –up comedy will always be my first love. It is how I define myself when someone asks, but the experiences over the past few years have had me feeling that I might have experienced more in my life then just jokes.

The process of putting this show together really became an exploration of a life. Because of my love for comedy, I wanted to infuse my sense of humor into a serious narrative that would make audiences walk away laughing but go to sleep thinking. This show features tales from my life, but its purpose is so much bigger than me as an individual. My hope is to continue with this “Over There” movement in a fashion that will benefit those who truly deserve every ounce of our compassion, empathy and support.

60 Miles North Productions will donate a percentage of the profits on the production of “OVER THERE: Comedy Is His Best Weapon” to programs that help our warriors when they return home. The Wounded Warriors project is doing amazing things and I have proudly supported their fundraisers in the past. They provide direct services to wounded heroes. Another organization is a new one – The Lone Survivor Foundation. I read Marcus Luttrell’s book “Lone Survivor” when I was Over There entertaining the troops. The book really changed me and showed me courage beyond words and Luttrell is now building a place in Texas to provide help and support to the brave returning service members and their families.

Thank you for taking a moment to join us here at what I hope to become the “Over There” movement. This may be a one-man show, but we’re working hard to do important things to improve countless lives.

Safe travels!

PJ Walsh