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Support and Friends

The Wounded Warriors Project – The Wounded Warriors Project is a program dedicated to providing direct services to wounded service members and raising awareness of their needs. The program has helped countless returning service members and is making sure our heroes are not forgotten. http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/

The Lone Survivor Foundation – The Lone Survivor Foundation is a new project founded by former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell. If you have taken the time to read his books, “Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Red Wing” and “The Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10,” you’ll understand this man does not have an ounce of “quit” in him. Marcus has set his focus on helping warriors when they come home. http://lonesurvivorfoundation.org/

Rich Davis’s Comics On Duty Program – Rich Davis’s Comics On Duty Program is full of rare, one-of-a-kind-comedians…those that will occasionally think beyond themselves! This is because Rich Davis genuinely cares about the well being of our service members.

The following is a list of the comedians who made the trip “Over There” with PJ to support and bring laughs to our service members in Iraq, Afghanistan and on ships in the Persian Gulf. This is never a solo effort, and PJ is very thankful to have great comedians as travel partners.

Rich Davis, 
Bob Perkell, 
Jeffery Steele,
 Steve Mazan,
 Chris Alpine, 
James P. Connolly, 
Reno Collier, 
Scott Henry
, Tom Foss, 
Willis Turner, 
Dave Mishevitz, 
Keith Nelson, 
Dan Smith, 
Mike Merrill, 
Steve Simeone.

For more information about Comics on Duty visit http://www.comicsonduty.com/.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars. – The Veterans of Foreign Wars has a rich tradition in enhancing the lives of millions through its community service programs and special projects. From providing free phone cards to our nation’s active-duty military personnel to raising money for the World War II memorial, the VFW is there, “honoring the dead by helping the living.” http://www.vfw.org/

Matt Hoverman. – PJ started the quest to form his one-man show in Matt Hoverman’s classes. If you think you have something to say – or maybe you think you don’t – Matt will show you that everyone has an amazing story inside of them. Matt’s classes will help you bring the story inside you to the world. http://www.createyourownsoloshow.com

The William Esper School of Acting. – PJ Walsh removed himself from the stand-up circuit to enroll in the two-year intensive acting program at The William Esper School of Acting in New York City. With this show in mind, he completed the program taught directly under William Esper, knowing that one day he would use the skills he had acquired to bring his vision, drive and dedication together. That day is now. http://www.esperstudio.com

Bloginity Networks – Daniel Haim and Brian Willett are both associated with Bloginity Networks. The flagship site of Bloginity Networks is Bloginity.com, the premier online entertainment magazine. The site features in-depth, comprehensive coverage of television, music, movies, fitness, design, photography, gadgets and architecture. Bloginity’s exclusive interviews and galleries, engaging news and detailed previews, reviews and commentary have captivated countless readers to date. http://www.bloginity.com